Sunday School

9:15 - 10:15 AM (Every Sunday!)

We have a class for YOU!!


Children's Classes: (Video of Children's Christmas Party!)


Toddlers (2&3 Year Olds):  Melissa Krumpach & Teresa Marchman

Preschool (4&5 Year Olds):  Mike & Gail Parker

Kindergarten - 1st Grade:  Pierce & Julie Marlowe

2nd - 3rd Grade:  Leanne Clay & Allison Ward

4th - 5th Grade:  Dianne Fountain & Sheila Soles

Middle & High School: (Video of Student Ministry Christmas Party!)

6th - 8th Grade:   Steve & Tracie Guinn

9th - 12th Grade:  Nick & Megan Chambers


Adult Classes:

College/Singles Class:   Jeremy & Jona Cardell  (Video of Christmas Party!)

Adult I (25+):  Steve Moon  (Video of Christmas Party!)

Adult II (40+):  Dwayne Farmer

Adult III (50+):  Jerry Chambers

Adult III (60+): Jack McConnell

Ladies Class:  Joanne Ward